About Us
Global Embedded Solutions (GES) established in 2004, has been actively involved in the development of Customized Embedded Solutions for various clients since its inception and also has its presence strongly. Market Leadership through customer satisfaction, a commitment to excellence & high growth rate, these have characterized GES in its rapid climb in the Embedded Technology Industry.

Global Embedded Solutions (GES) Marketing & Service Tie up with ISO 9001:2008 certified coimbatore based Manufacturing company M/s Faraday Instruments introduced the products“ Napivend “coin operated automatic sanitary Napkin vending machine and Napkin incinerator is developed under the guidance of NGO's and Government Institutions to make sanitary Napkin easily & Regularly available to women of all walks of life.

“Authorized Distributing Napkin Vendin/inci Machine - Certification 2014 - Click Here ”

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